Black Rifles Built my first lower


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Just finished building my first lower. took about an hour while watching videos. The hardest part for me was putting the pin through the trigger.


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Did you feel the barb slipping into your jaw. Build one... and you are hooked :lol: Frito Lay doesn't have a thing on AR building.


See there it ain't so hard, is it?
I use a slave pin to hold the disconnector & trigger together, that way it's fast & easy when you slide the trigger pin into place.
Midway has a nice smooth DPMS stripped upper receiver for $79, and the normal design with the brass defelctor for $99... about $10 discount each. Depends on your preference.

I just ordered the smooth upper for a .22 caliber SBR upper I'm planning.. $79 was about as cheap as I was going to get a stripped upper without finding blems in stock somewhere.. Seems everyone is keeping the inventories low... :)

I have 2 stripped Lowers on the way engraved with my trust info for SBR'ing..... Both Marked "300 AAC Blackout" for the Caliber... guess what one of my NEXT upper builds will be......?



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With Palmetto State about 10 min's from the house it's hard to buy an upper from anyone else. And their uppers are usually around $69 with the deflector.


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SuperChuck said:
Oh yeah.. you got it made in that instance... hopefully they'll eventually make their way closer to Charleston... :)
i hope they open a store in the Greenville/Spartanburg area first!:)


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Here is the cost breakdown of the lower minus taxes:

Lower housing: $50 Palmetto State Armory sale
Lower build kit: $124.00 Palmetto State Armory Moe kit. The classic build kit is $99.99

Total for the lower is $174.00. If I went classic: $149.99. The cheapest completed lower I could find online was around $250.00