Building a Tactical / HD shotgun


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I know where I can find a magnum wingmaster.
I am torn, I want to build a tac shotgun on a wingmaster or special purpose receiver but recently I have been thinking it might not be cost effective.

The base gun in this case, asking is $250 I would like to find one for $200
Then about a hundred for a barrel
Then about $150 to get it parkerized
Then $75 to 100 approx for furniture

This brings me to $550 and then only because I already have a mag extension.
That cost me another $65 so I am over $600 dollars.

This project I think only makes sense if you already have the base shotgun.
I am pretty sure I can get a 870P for that kind of money.

Any thoughts or opinions on this?


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I found some 870P trade ins a little while back for $325. Not sure if there are any more left.

Midnight Raver

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Go for it- I am sure you will find a suitable shotgun for the starting point. The odds of finding a decent one for a good deal are on your side, especially the way the economy has been.