bringing stuff to the ShootzenFset


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Sep 26, 2009
Hello All!
Several members have inquired about bringing something to chip in for the lunch at the ShootzenFest.
If anyone wants to bring some drinks, ice, fruit, perhaps someone knows a spouse with a great cookie recipe (doesn't have to be your own), etc, that would be most welcome. PM me ahead of time so we know what to expect.

The ShootzenFest lunch, Tshirts, patches, and some other things we're bringing to give out are paid for by the Forum Sponsors:
HHB Guns
Upstate Armory Group
East Coast Gunshop
B.E.L.T Training
Precision One Ammunition
Glock, Smyrna, Ga
and the rest is picked up by Frost, Pops, Schultz, Midnight Raver, et al. (Fordnut gets us those hotdogs)

The only thing members really need to bring is Lots of Ammo!