Glock Bought My First Glock

Dirk Pitt

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Well I started the paperwork on a Glock 19 today. Now I've got to wait ten days before I can go pick it up. Decided on the 19 because it's slightly smaller than the 17 for concealment yet big enough to be used as a duty gun, a good all around pistol. This next paycheck I'm going to order 500 rounds of Federal HST 124GR +P and a Raven holster for it. Than maybe a little latter I'll put some Heine Ledge Straight Eights sights on it.

I'll post some pics of it when I pick it up.

lafayette gregory

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Congrats- You will never go wrong with a Glock. There is one made for everybody. I have a first generation 17 and a first generation 23. The 17 stands guard at home and the 23 is on my hip.

HHB Guns

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Congrats, I bought my first glock 23 on my 21 B-day. I have had it ever since. just strted shooting 6" groups at 25 so I figuered it was time for a new barrel. The current barrel had about 30,000 rounds through it. It is at the gunsmith right now a new bar-sto barrel fitted and the gunsmith is very good at ports on the slide to show off the barrel through the slide. He is also milling off the slide serrations and putting fish scale serrations on the rear. Then to finish it he is stipling the grips to add what he calls roping. When I get it back I will paint it something cool and post pics on the site. You won't be disappointed with your glock!

Dirk Pitt

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Picked up the Glock on Sunday and put 200 rounds through it. Functioned flawlessly as I expected :D Also ran into a customer at work who I frequently talk about guns with and shot his Sig P226 9mm and some fancy .22 pistol of his that I'd never heard of or seen before, some company that does Olympic target pistols or some such nonsense. My Glock was everything I've come to expect from Glocks blew the orange ring out of targets no problem at 15 and 25 yards. My friend's Sig though had the smoothest double action pull I've ever felt on a DA/SA gun.

As I was cleaning the Glock I thought I'd take some pictures of some other recent acquisitions. The folding knife is a Zero Tolerance 302, it's a collaboration between Ken Onion of Kershaw and Strider. The blade is made out of S30V, it has a titanium frame lock, and the right scale of the handle is G10. It also features Kershaw's nifty speed safe assisted opening mechanism. I saw this knife and said I had to have it and it is by far my favorite blade I've ever owned or carried, I'd take it over a Benchmade every day of the week.

The fixed blade is a Gerber LMF II survival knife. The blade is made out of 420HC steel, the blade is insulated from the handle and is capable of cutting through hot electrical lines, the end of the handle has a built in glass breaker, and it also has three holes on the handle that allow it to be tied onto a stick to be used as a spear. The sheath is also pretty slick, the main part of the sheath is made of plastic with a built in sharpener that is integral to the sheath, it has a nifty knife retention piece so that it stays put in the sheath without using the snaps. The plastic sheath is secured into fire retardant nylon retention strap that has two removable leg straps on it so you can affix it to your calf or use only the one to secure the bottom of the sheath to your thigh when using it on the belt and it can also be attached to a MOLLE platform as well.

Good times were had by all :D


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I still remember my first Glock.
Very nice.

That is a huge blade on the folding knife.
I like it!


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I am waiting for Summit Gunbroker to get some more Glocks in and I am going to get a few different Glocks at a time, lol.

Nice cutlery too!

Dirk Pitt

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Ok time for an update. Ordered a Raven Phantom modular holster, of course they've got a 16-18 week back order and I'm about 8 weeks in to my wait *grumble*. But for the time being I've put a Lone Wolf extended slide stop, mag release, and a Hogue sleeve on it also have a Fobus paddle holster for it until the Raven comes in. Another paycheck or so and I'll order a set of Meprolight night sights.