Bought a new car yesterday

HHB Guns

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The ole PT cruiser was giving problems so we traded it on a 2010 Volkswagon Jetta with the TDI clean Diesel. The soon to be wife loves it so far. So many features and lots of safety stuff. I couldnt believe it...It has 8 airbags all around the cabin. Pretty fast too........My favorite part is the 42 MPG. The dealer says he gets 600 miles to the tank. We get a $650 check at the end of the year from the government for buying a clean diesel.


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Very Kool!
It always helps when the wife likes your car.
42mpg, 600 miles on a tank?
Heck it sounds like it almost makes it's own fuel.
Once upon a timeI had a 1957 Beetle.
I went places with that car that 4 wheel drive vehicles feared to go.


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The new diesel are much better than all the crap that they are trying to do (electric, hybrid...). Those are nice cars. Enjoy.


Good choice, Jettas are awesome.

My wife has one, its a gas though. According to $3.00 diesel which is what i did my calculations on, breakeven for a TDI is 14,000 miles/ year.

She drives 10k per year so we got a gasser.

My dad has an 06 Passat TDI, and its a champ. He drives 50k miles per year and that thing just runs.