Bolt Jeweling

An engine-turned treatment on a bolt or the bolt release handle. It is done both for the finished look and to hold oil on the surface. An abrasive-impregnated jeweling fixture is used to describe a circular pattern on the surface of the steel, then moved along just a little less than the distance of the fixture, touched to the surface again, and the process is repeated until the whole surface is covered with small circular swirls.


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i didnt know either

is a jeweled trigger the same?

so the bolt of my model 7 (pic in "entry level rifle") is jeweled from the factory?
i bought it new and thats the way it came.
There is a trigger manufacturer called Jewell and their triggers are made for light ounce pull, but you can jewel a trigger to make the pull smoother and fluid like, also can be done on a hammer.


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Questions: Since technically you are creating a texture on the surface wouldn't this create abrasion between the surfaces even with a lube?