Boggy Head temporarily closed due to fire?


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A buddy at work just told me that Boggy Head is closed due to a fire that is close by. Anyone heard about this? I was planning on going out in the morning to play with a few new toys. Any news would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all!


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Not sure where he heard about it from, but I called SCDNR and they are not aware of any fires. FIRE AWAY, Boggy Head is OPEN!


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I was there last Saturday and it was open...There has been a small fire but did no damage to the range...

As a matter of fact...I should be there tomorrow with 2 of my Nephews...



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I live 13 miles away, unless there's plans for a controlled burn, there hasn't been any word of an unexplained fire in the area.

The way the weather is, they may have taken the initiative and started control burns, but even then, its only a 1-2 day inconvenience.