Body Armor...


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May 22, 2011
Charleston, SC an idea the whole family can get behind!

7 year old Daughter's Medium IBA w/SAPI plates

IFAK (added a folding knife), Glock magazines, multi-tool, EMT shears, SureFire flashlight, universal weapon cleaning kit, undesignated black utility pouch

Wife's XL IBA w/SAPI plates

Glock magazines and AR-15 magazines, AR-15 bungee single-point sling, Ka-Bar TDI

Not pictured is my IOTV with plates. Also, my wife's IBA and my IOTV each have a universal weapon cleaning kit on the rear of our vests. Just in case.

Demonstration model:

The Medium IBA is really, really big on her but I figure she can grow into it and it can serve her throughout her entire life.


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Jun 12, 2010
Hanahan, SC
I had thought about armor a bit myself. If you know its coming, it can be a lifesaver, especially with ballistic plates. However, you got to be wearing it for it to help you.

One of my ideas that really started working in my head was a Kevlar blanket or Bulletproof fiberglass inserts. I was thinking of putting it into the wall near the front door, and another near the bedroom door as these would be the locations I most likely would be returning fire from. Since a home invasion can happen in seconds, you won't have time to don your personal protection, but you could stand behind a Kevlar lined wall fairly quickly.

Taking it a bit further, you could also install a Kevlar blanket into a car door. Won't stop the round from penetrating the body of the car, but it may stop it from coming through to the driver or passenger compartment. Anyone ever see what a .40 round does when it hits a car? I have. The round penetrated the trunk , went thru the back seat hitting a support bracket, richochet down thru the bottom of the car, and penetrated about an ? inch into the asphalt. Had it come thru a door, it most likely would have penetrated all the way through the car in the next parking space. Since this was a metal car, imagine how well a .40 would penetrate nearly every interior wall in your house. Being behind a barrier that would stop incoming rounds would be a great benefit in this situation. The invader(s), would not have that benefit as not ALL walls have been treated in this way.