Black Rifles Black rifle pic thread


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11B3XCIB said:
BHE, are those Burris optics on your rifles? Nice looking setups.

A Burris is on the Gold AR and a Millet is on the Black AR. Both scopes are 1x4 with Illuminated reticles. Both rifles are extremely accurate and soft shooting. They both have BHE barrels made from Douglas "Air-Gage" blanks and both feature the EPST (Extreme Pressure Surface Treatment) coated bolt carrier groups. You will not find an AR with a smoother action.


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Here are my AR's

Top one is a SOG armory lower and DPMS upper with the following goodies:
Magpul MOE Stock
Magpul BUIS
Magpul AVG
YHM Specter length free float rail w/Magpul rail covers
YHM Phantom flash hider
BSA RGB red dot sight
Safariland flashlight and rapid light system

On the bottom is a Olympic Arms lower and Stag left handed upper with:
Magpul MOE stock, hand guards, grip, trigger guard, vertical grip and rear buis
MIdwest Industries gas block front sight.
Streamlight TLR-1
Eotech 512
Brownells tactical muzzle brake
Lefty Safety



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Here's my newest build.

Noveske chrome lined barrel
Raniner Mini Compensator
Palmetto State Armory "NoBama" lower receiver
Geissele AR15 Super Dynamic 3 Gun Trigger (down right sexy trigger system)
Vortex Viper PST 1-4X24 TMCQ MOA (best scope I've ever owned.)
Burris FastFire III red dot
VLTOR CASV-M Free-float Handguard


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wow, except for the blue loader, mine is red, that looks like my reloading table, only neater.

gonna fix that.
but i wont be reloading anymore. sold ALL that crap and guns.

not any fun anymore. come and search. they are gone. i give up. the government will take care of all of us so we really dont need them. i have a full auto alluminum baseball bat or 2. thats enough.

no black rifles, keep on moving, nothing to see here.


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Tigerstripe said:
sold ALL that crap and guns.
Dang, you too? I just gave up 'cause I thought everybody else must be right and that I was wrong for ever owning a gun. You'd be amazed how easy it was to give all that stuff away to people I didn't even know! Between the gubmint and my (pretty dull) kitchen knife set, I'm all safe and secure in my humble abode.


I find it hard to believe someone with a screen name "LiveFreeOrDie" is going to hide like that.

I shed my blood wearing the flag, and I'll shed it defending it.

/Black rifle pic thread.



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First Build... Turned out okay, I think.

SAA Receiver
PSA Upper and LPK
Bravo Company BCG
Magpul Furniture (Switched to a vertical grip)
Vortex StrikeFire
Hogue Grip

NOTE: The mount for the StrikeFire was an el-cheapo cantilever mount. I ended up tossing it because it didn't co-witness properly and I'm now just using the one that came with the optic. I'm planning on using something different at some point, just haven't found it yet.