Black Rifles Black rifle pic thread


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Rifle is kinda dark, hard to see. ( I know its the black rifle thread. ) What optics you got on there? Any more info you can share? Nice bedspread, btw ;)


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Haha, that was Black Friday weekend when I took that, and it had been a rough night. That is the only picture I had on my phone, will upload a better one when I get home. It is a Daniel Defense M4 V5. Optics are just DD factory iron sights. I am currently in the process of doing some reading and deciding what red dot or magnifier I want to put on the rifle.
Black PISTOL pic thread

7" upper... Ready to see it on an SBR lower, but have to wait a while for that.. Eventually will have a matching, or slightly longer 300 Blk SBR upper as well.. Waiting on my SBR lowers.. and then the paperwork wait..



Here are my two "black" rifles with a bit of desert color added to them:

Stag Model 1 5.56mm. Sorry for the cell phone picture.

Yugoslavian AK with underfolded stock.


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So, Stephen73, is that you? Do you have a 22 conversion, and if so, tell us your thoughts on it. Saw a couple of failures there... What brand/model is it?

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