Black Rifles Black Rifle build 338 Spectre


Figured I would post some specs and pics of my 338 Spectre build.
10.5" barrel from Marty at Teppo Jetsu
TROY 10" rail and BUIS
BM upper receiver
Denny's Super Duty BCG with Noveske 6.8 mpi bolt
POF GenIII lower
MAGPUL FDE furniture
NIGHTFORCE 2.5-10x24 BV recticle
AAC EVO 9 with TRIAD 3 lug adapter SSSHHHHHHH :lol:
Pic of some rounds fired into some phone books at bottom
300gr SMK 338 Spectre subsonic



The pictures don't do that rig justice! I throw a towel over my junk and hide them when you bring it to the range, it's a sweet rifle and very quiet.
I just hope you get more ammo in time for the spring ShootzenFest!