Better call in Scotland Yard!


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My Daughter's Father in Law from England had never held a gun, much less fired one, before he came here for the wedding. We took him out in the side field and let him shoot .22, .380, 38 special, 9mm, 40S&W, .45 and AR15. He did not understand why anyone needed a gun or that many different kinds until he fired them. He was converted to the fun of shooting targets. He still has the, "I couldn't kill anything, but that is a blast to target shoot."attitude. I asked him if could he protect his family and he said no one has guns in England so it isn't a question he has had to confront. He feels that the police can handle protection. He had to think when asked if he would rather face an assailant with a knife or a gun on his side? It is a big deal over there because where there are bullets there are guns. A .22 in the land of no guns is an elephant gun.

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Something like that is actually noteworthy in this day and age- sad, but true. However, it could have been brought in after being picked up and put in a bag carefully. Then again I remember something about a gentleman who found a shotgun and brought it in to the police, only to be booked for it. Gotta love the UK! Now back here in the good old USSA it is illegal to even have an empty bullet cartridge without some kind of firearms permit in CERTAIN states, if you can believe that. I wonder if I would be locked up for that .30-06 blank casing from my Father in Law's funeral...


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Wait a minute.
You can't even have spend casings?

I just had a great idea.
We could all send you range pickup casings in a big flat rate box.
Then you could scatter them in the street.
The police would think there had been a war in the street.
It would make national news.

No wait they would charge you with littering, improper disposal of contaminated matter, improper disposal of hazardous material and God know what else.

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I knew they couldn't own firearms but I didn't know they were that paranoid! Just think, if we didn't have the 2A then we would be in the same predicament...

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Between the UK and Australia rounding up everyone's firearms, I can just imagine how much better the criminals there sleep when they are off duty.