Best Scope for Ruger 10 22 at 100 yards


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Building a Ruger 10 22 target rifle, Target barrel, trigger job, staked scope mount and milling of receiver. Suggestions of good scope in the $150 range. All suggestions appreciated!
If you're just punching holes in paper the BSA multi-factors that start at 6x are pretty nice. I think mine is a 6-24 but I could be mistaken about the upper end. With aguila target ammo I get nice ragged 1-hole groups at 50 yardsif the gods are smiling, and my 10/22 is not accurized in any way.

I've got a 4x Bushnell on mine full-time and it is great for chasing golf balls out to about 75 yards.


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What size objective do you recommend? 40mm or higher or lower for just outdoor range shooting?


Well, I'm in my 40s so for me the biggest scope I can get is better :)

I think the one I've got on my Yugo rifle is something like (mine is many years older) this

That is a 6-24x 44mm objective. As a cheaper scope (ie, not a $1200 nightforce) the edges of the fov are a little blurry. Seems to deal with recoil OK, but not an issue for your use.

Bigger bell will require higher rings but let in more light. Get a weaver/pictatinny rail for the 10/22 and mount to that - the stock dovetail rail likes to shoot loose. There are some companies making rings that mount right on the receiver, but I've got no experience with them. In theory, one less interface means a stronger joint... but theory sometimes doesn't mean jack.

The 4x power I have permanently on my 10/22 is maybe 32, 25mm objective? Don't recall. Works fine though. Go for something that looks like a traditional rifle scope though, and not a small tube 'tactical' type. Less light transmission among other things.


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The BSA 6-24X44 w/ AO works well on my target 10-22--- i choot at 30-50yds.

U might also check out the Sightron scope line---they have several lines/price points, some w/ target dot reticles, and very good glass.


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I see plenty of rimfire scopes. I assume that means they are not very sturdy - can't handle recoil. I personally would shy away from these as they might not be able to withstand other types of shock such as potholes.
I had a rimfire simmons on my 10/22 not long after I bought it. Recoil jarred the reticle loose - seriously. I'd get a real scope instead - not like the money difference is huge.


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Thanks to everyone that responded! I ended up with a Vortex Riflscope 4-12x44 Crossfire II V-Plex with Medium Viper Rings, Lens Pen, Vortex Hat from GearHog.
Picked up the rifle last Thursday and scope arrived Friday afternoon. Mounted the scope at the range Sunday and was shooting golf balls at 100 yards within an hour.
Thanks again to all that helped with the decision process!


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I really like the scope and the extras that came with it! It seems to work real well and does what I wanted it to do. After spending about an hour mounting the scope and sighting it in, I was hitting golf balls at 100 yards (not everytime but pretty consistently). My gunsmith that built it for me says that after some more fine tuning of the scope and using target ammo I will consistenly shoot one hole at 100 yards and will be able to hit golf balls every shot.

I really like the whole set up!

You did miss out on a good buy!


I sold my 10-22 target build when I hit a rough spot with money a few years ago, and miss it dearly.

Might be time to build another. Hardest part is sourcing a receiver. I have a hard time buying a $250 rifle to ONLY use the receiver, and then chuck the rest of the parts.


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I got lucky.....bought one with wood stock on sale at Lawman's for $195. Still not cheap, but reasonable.


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GTrav, could you tell me the name of your gunsmith?........Leaning on a table with a bag up front and a bag supporting my solder, I can shoot 1" groups if the wind isn't a problem....



Tigerstripe said:

just type in 10/22 reciever

this one has a top rail for $129

tactical inovations has colors $144 ... =200&page= ... keoGpZpXGM

red one

Thanks. Just scored one today at Carolina Rod and gun off of consignment. Boyd's stock, Ruger 10/22 Target model with the black twisted hammer forged barrel with a 4-16x40 scope on it. Couldn't pass up the deal at $400.