Best Pocket Holster for LCP/P-3AT


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Starting to carry LCP full time. Would like suggestions for best front pocket holster from the group. If possible, please provide approximate cost and website to order.

Thanks for your time!!


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I have a simple Uncle Mike's #2 pocket holster for when I pocket carry but I more often use a Crossbreed Mini-tuck. It just about makes it disappear and is so comfortable that I literally do not notice it. It is much more convenient because I generally carry my phone in right front pocket, so unless I wear cargo pants it causes a conflict. With the Crossbreed I can wear kind of pants.



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I always thought this type would be a good pocket "holster" for the LCP and Keltecs. It seems it would help stop printing for pocket carrying...



Check out this video:

Not sure how many people make a product like this, but I found this link to buy one:

I was thinking of getting a Keltec PF-9 as my backup and with this type "holster", as I think they have a new one out to fit the PF-9 now. Hell, maybe it would make the Keltec a good main carry weapon if you needed to go light for whatever reason.


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Why would you want to put that in your pocket with the trigger open like that? :eek: Am I crazy / overcautious? I understand that it will help with printing but don't you really expose yourself to the danger of an accidental discharge with that holster?

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Seems to be designed for a simulated passive wallet handover to a would be criminal. Since you are going for it slower, you can feel for the proper grip first before inserting fingers where needed. Give it the middle finger first, no problems! I wonder how it is for gripping while firing it...

anybody use one at the range or in(God forbid) a real life experience?