Bessingers vs Piggy Park


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While both Bessingers and Piggy Park are owned by members of the same family and both use yellow sauce there is a big difference in the sauce.
The sauce at Bessingers is spicier and I like it better.
The sauce at Piggy Park is smoother and to me less interesting tasting.
I like a BOLD tasting sauce

When I buy the sauce from Piggly Wiggly I get Melvins Golden Secret, the one with the black label.

Do furriners from the frozen north ever laugh when you say Piggly Wiggly?

Midnight Raver

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No we don't really laugh - at least I don't, as there are plenty of places and things with stupid names in the world.

However, you are definitely making me hungry talking about this stuff! :lol:


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the best bbq sauce in a bottle is Anthony's Carribean sauce.

Anthony's restuarant is about a mile from where I live. goood stuff.
spicey, make anything better.