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I have a BERSA383 that i need a hammer for if anybody has one or knows someone who does that they would sell please let me know.The manufacture quit making this gun over 20 years ago and they do not make or have the parts in stock.


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thats odd because numrich has the part and lists it like this

Item ID: 1133190A
BERSA - THUNDER SERIES 95, 22, 32, 380, 85, 383
Hammer, Blue


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The current Bersa Thunder hammer works just fine in the Bersa 383. The only differences between them are cosmetic and have to do with the type of finish and the size of the hole in the hammer spur. The installation on mine did take a little fine tuning by the gunsmith to get it to work smoothly, but only to the extent of grinding and polishing some the the sharp edges on the replacement hammer. The hammer was $20.00 including shipping and the gunsmith charged me $45.00 to put it in.