Beretta shooters rejoice!


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Just had to tell you guys my dad and I both bought used Beretta 96's. They shoot great but my dad wanted a 9 barrel. I read on Beretta forum that you have to use a 9 slide in order to shoot 9 out of a .40 gun. They're wrong. He bought a threaded 9mm gemtech barrel and we've put around 50 rounds through it with no problems using the .40 slide!


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That's very good, but the extractor's are different reason i would only be Shooting the 9 barrel at the range is fine but for carry i would not at all. Glock's same way...The Beretta the one that interest me is the 92FS Inox Made in Italy one's...i hear the 96 handle's the .40 real good. So does HK in .40's...thank's