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HHB Guns

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So for those of you that dont know me to well. I am 29 years old and my neurosurgeon says I have the back of a 70 year old man. I have had two surgerys that total 18" in rods and 8- 3" screws. I have had just about every procedure done to my back that can be done. From xrays right up to Myleograms and discograms I have a bad case of degerative disk disease which makes my disks like old sponges. I was teaching a law enforcement class at my work and got kicked in the spine and ruptured three L3-S1 discs. So they had to go in a fuse three of them. I just went in on Wed for my second surgery to remove all the hardware now that the bone had finally grafted. It was pretty funnny because when I woke up I had a plastic bag beside me which had all of my hardware in it. My neurosurgeon thought I would want it. I'm thinking about building something with it.

So if anybody on here is having back pain feel free to ask me questions. I have been dealing with back pain since I was 19. I may be able to send you in the right direction.


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Dang man...It sucks to have the back of an old man...Ask me how I know...

I have been lucky, I guess. Worse thing I have had is muscle spasms in the back...

Hope you are on the road to recovery...

See you buddy...


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I can relate to back pain! After years of back problems in service they finally found out what was wrong five years after I retired from the Air Force. They found a huge Lipoma between T2 and T5. It was about to sever my spinal cord so they removed part of it in 1998. When I woke up in intensive care I was paralyzed from under my arms to my toes. It took almost three years to learn to waddle around. Today I can get around pretty well, however if I have to walk a lot I have to use my electric wheelchair. I live with pain constantly. I went to the pain clinic for two years but found that I couldn't tolerate any medicine they had to offer. I just deal with it and keep on going...

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Oh man, I feel just awful about you guys!!! :shock:

Hope things get better somehow for the both of you, nobody deserves such pain and suffering!