Back from Fall Shootzenfest


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Great to meet meet everyone.

Special thanks to -- All the Mods and Admins for doing a great job. LG for letting me shot the Thompson. Smokin Turkey for letting my get on the Mosin. Fordnut and the other grill masters for the great hotdogs. And Enjay for the heirloom seeds!

Thanks Again, McDaniel


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It was nice to put faces to the names next time ill bring a jacket so im not frozen nice to meet you guys had fun while i was there GARY


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We had a FANTASTIC time. It was great to see everyone and to put names to faces. The array of guns was once again dizzying. Greg, that Tommy gun is gorgeous, I hope it's next owner is as good of a steward as you have been. I also hope that they're as generous, and that they're forum members LOL. Fordnut, M16Maniac, thank you for the loan of the lowers, Clicker, thank you for your time working with the upper, Frost, Pops, thank you for allowing us to be part of this fantastic forum. And thanks to everyone for coming to the party! It was so nice to meet you all :D

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Back and finally got all my firearms cleaned! I enjoyed meeting everyone! Looking forward to the next one...
;) I'm new to the website. I came to the shoot today with andyrv6av8r (muh man) and had a blast!! Most everyone I met were awesome people, and I can't wait for the next shoot! I had the camera....and took a lot of great shots of everyone there. How do I post them?


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Exactly what i needed. What a great bunch of member's on here. Thank's is not enough but i sure had a day i will alway's remember and think of how much fun we all had. I'll get around better next time sorry for all you that i missed. Life is Goood, thanks' to all and the food was very special!! Until we meet again.... :D



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To upload pictures
Please size pictures to 800x600 imageshack does a pretty job of resizing
go to
Click Browse
Select File
Click open
Click Upload now
After upload
Find Forum Code
Copy then paste into your message
You can sometimes leave it all.
You can cut out everything but what is between the first set of leave this part [img].
Be sure to hit preview as sometimes the picture does not show up.


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That was a badass time...Well worth the 3 1/2 hour drive...Already scouting my next buy..These events are terrible for my bank account


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What an outstanding day, I had a blast. It was good to meet and talk to you folks. I got a lot of good videos. I just put 'em on the laptop and culled out a few. Still had 70 clips that made the cut, they're uploading to Youtube now. I think I've figured out how to create 'playlists', that way I'll keep the ones from today separate from the ones already there.


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Back Home and getting ready for the next time. I had a great time and want to thank everyone for making my son and other guests feel so welcome. I'm so thankful to be able to join such a great group of people for a day of fun and fellowship. I'm so glad I got to meet some of our upstate members and put a face to a name.


I had planned and looked so forward to being there today. Unfortunately, it was one of those days when I remembered why I get a disability check. Just could not make up and out. So glad everyone had a good time. Already making plans for the next one. Anytime anybody comes to Philson's I will be glad to join you as I am 10-15 mins away. I have a new SR40c I need to shoot. Best to all.