[B]Hornfest, Leesville, SC, April 29-May2[/B]


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Apr 11, 2010
Greenville, SC
SC shooters who are also interested in hi-fi audio might like to join us outside Columbia, SC this weekend for "Hornfest" (as in horn loaded speakers). There's usually some plinking (or more) going on, so bring your gear, be it shooting or audio. Here are the details:

Hornfest, Leesville, SC, April 29-May2

Ed Schilling is hosting the annual Hornfest audio festival at his place outside Columbia, South Carolina April 29 ? May 2. No reservations are necessary, just drop by and stay as long as you like. Hornfest is a redneck audio gathering and not a sales event. There will be much music, food and some gunfire. :D

There will be food, drink and friendly people from all over (some folks fly in or drive from several states away). All are invited, no RSVP needed for this free event. Kid?s and womenfolk welcome, too!

Ed designed and builds a single driver rear loaded horn speaker through his business, The Horn Shoppe. He recently added a buffered preamp dubbed The Truth. Ed is a real character and puts on a good party. http://www.thehornshoppe.com

Stop by if you can!

460 Laura Brodie Rd...Leesville, SC 29070
Or call Ed for more info: 803-657-5178

Here?s the official thread:

Full directions