Automatic Weapons American vs German WW2


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The funny thing is Schmeiser didn't have anything to do with the development of the MP40 or the MP38 he developed the MP18. I also remember my Dad saying the grease gun was not that accurate and pretty much worthless in his opinion, He did say he loved the Thompson tho.

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I especially love the scene with the poor dogface hunkered down under the sound of a MG42. I read that the US Army felt that the greater firepower of the indivdual soldiers with their Garands would offset the superiority of the MG 42 over our own BAR and M1919 squad support weapons. The idea of using indivdual battle rifles, esp those with 8 rounds at a go, as base of fire weapons seems a bit silly to me. In the case of the BAR the Swedes did a bit better; including a quick change for the barrel. It seems the best we could manage is to bolt a stock on a 1919, the A4 model, and send out something like the 08/15 Maxim.

Not like they've found a happy solution even yet, the Marines want to dump the M249. and the Army is still casting about for a new squad automatic, The Brits and Bundeswehr both stuck big mags on a regular rifle and called it good, ala' RPK style almost.


I love old videos like this, it really takes you back in time. The logic was a bit flawed in my opinion: they said the M1919 scored more hits than the MG42, which was true in their comparison of 30 rounds....BUT....what if they had done the comparison against a time constraint? Then the MG42 may have scored up to twice as many hits as our 1919 would. There were pros and cons to both, just like in anything, but me thinks that the MG42 deserved more respect that they were indicating, lol. Fortunately, we had the better country, the better men, the better cause, and sometimes the better equipment.

Here's a different perspective of the MG42....this thing is bad-azz: