Autoloading Shotgun Update


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As mentioned in my last post, the 1180 fps 1 oz loads failed to cycle. I discovered that there are three things the bolt carrier needs to overcome. First is cocking the hammer, followed by pushing the shell carrier activator down, then the recoil spring. I polished all contact surfaces to a mirror and oiled liberally. This didn’t help. I then removed the shell carrier spring to see if there was enough inertia to overcome the hammer and recoil spring. Success! Now onto the carrier group. I installed a slightly less tension spring on the carrier lever and that did the trick. Be careful though...too little tension and the carrier won’t lift the next cartridge. I also increased the spring tension on the feeder tube with a 1/4” spacer to be sure and push out the last cartridge. Now everything works perfectly with the following loads: 1180fps 1oz. 1200fps 1-1/8oz. 1350fps 1oz.