Are there other fiber optic illuminated scopes besides Triji


As you may know from the other post I recently ordered a PA scope and a lot of the reason for doing so is the reticle similarity between it and the Trijicon horseshoe or ?H? reticle in my TA-11H.
The thing that makes me curious though is why doesn?t there seem to be any other manufacturer that uses fiber optics in a magnified optic. Now I can see not using the tritium that is in the Trijicons as it has a lot of limitations on export and the like. Why not fiber optics though? Is a strand of colored fiber optic that much harder to work with than batteries, electronics and and LED?s used in standard types of illumination? I would think the fiber optic should actually be cheaper. Anyone who has ever used an ACOG can attest to its effectiveness.

It?s used in bow sites and open sites on all types of firearms. I am not aware of any other maker that uses it in magnified optics. Does anyone else know of someone else who uses it? If not does anyone know why not?


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At this time trijicon has the market on that. The only close to the fiber optic sight is the Hensoldt RSAS