AR Piston Sytems


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Having gotten used to cleaning and using AKs and Saiga 12s I find that I like a piston system.
Anyone converted their AR?
Care to share trial and tribulations?


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I've heard good and bad on them. I have shot one with a piston setup and there's no difference IMO. Also the next trip out it broke and I think he ended up converting it back to stock configuration.


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I met a guy at Twin Ponds range tha had a CMMG piston gun. He has fired 150 rounds thru it and had to take it back to the dealer...All it would do was jam.
He had just gotten it back from dealer. He fired it 6 times and it jambed...He was mad as Hell...

I had a mid-length CMMG with me. He wanted to shoot, so, I let him shoot mine, useung his ammo...

Had he been by hisself, he would have traded me guns...He wanted too, but his friend said..."You could buy 2 of those rifles for what you got in yours", so, guy changed his mind, and kept the one that wouldn't fire....

Oh Well....go figure...

I was not impressed...

But, I would have done the deal....LOL