AR Pisol Optic choices

May 8, 2012
Anyone got a preference on optics for an AR pistol?

Fixed irons? Red dot (tube or holo/reflex)?

I think that using fixed irons the sight plane would be too short.....

But using an optic would require deciding which one? I've become a big fan of the Primary Arms micro dots, and have another lying around that I will try, but I would love to know your experiences.

I also have a 1x pistol red dot that is a tube style that I could try as well.

Sep 15, 2011
North Charleston
I have one on my AR. Haven't shot with it yet but in chasing squirrels in the back yard I like it.

The one with the riser, BTW, doesn't cowitness with AR irons so if that is a concern buy it bare and get an appropriate riser.