AR Lube


what do you lube them with?
how do you lube them?
do you use grease or oil?
how do you get it to the pins?
grease, oil or spray?



I've been a Slip 2000 fan for years now along with Mil-Comm's TW25B & MC3000. Recently Lucas Gun Oil has found a place in my range bag also.

I use a small needle oiler bottle with the Slip2K to reach into trigger groups and push pins. I often spread what ever lube I'm using on BCG's and guide rails with a Q-tip, I use lots of Q-tips!


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Slip 2000 also makes some water based cleaners. I can’t really figure them out. Seems you need to use large volumes of the stuff if you want to soak your parts as they recommend. Then rinse with water, then figure out how to get all the water out, I guess with again large volumes of their lube. Feels alot like “rinse and repeat” shampoo marketing.


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CLP out of habit (military) and synthetic motor oil, I ordered a few blunt tip syringes from amazon and use them to get oil into small places.