Black Rifles AR in .410 shotgun????????????

Stan in SC

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In looking at Classic Arms website today I chanced to see they were advertising .410 complete rifles as well as .410 uppers.These are made in Turkey and the reviews of them vary all over the spectrum.I had not previously heard of these and was quite surprised to see this configuration.Anybody on this forum have any experience with these?

Stan in SC

HHB Guns

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One of my customers just bought an AR 12Ga from buds. It is made in turkey. He loves it. He took it right to the range when he picked it up and called me with a range report. He fired 100 rounds of various types of rounds and it functioned flawless.


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Torontogosh said:
I think one of the .410 versions is at the Ammo Dump in Summerville. I think it was selling for $500-ish.
It was marked down significantly since the last time you were in.
Anyone got a lower we can borrow at Shootzenfest? Frost? :twisted:


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Sorry it took me so long to reply.
I thought I had.
No problem.
No worries, Steve volunteered his, but I thought you might like trying that bump fire stock with it.

I've heard that they can be picky with ammo so I'm going to do my best to find a variety but it'll depend on what's available. Since it was being sold on consignment I'm going to ask and see if the previous owner can recommend a brand for it.


the 12ga is beautifyl, but the stock is molded onto the frame, I don't see that it will take the SSAR15 stock
Sad about that. t'would be a nice toy.

Althought shooting 12ga in bumpfire would be hard to keep on a target. . . .