Black Rifles AR Build forum help please


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OK. Here's what going on. Business is finally picking up again and want to build an AR. Already bought a stripped lower (Palmetto State Armory) and painted the saftey and their symbol. This will be a month to month build (when commission checks come in). My goal is to make this a hunting rifle for hog and deer. So here is what I need help with from the group.

*Obviously 5.56 is out...what caliber should I go? Even though it's still new I am leaning 300 AAC.
*Barrel length? 16 or 18"
*What fore arm should I use?
*Any other suggestion?


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16" in 300 blackout or 6.8 will do the trick. As far as rails go there are many to choose from. Just pic out a free float rail that you think you like and go with it.


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+1 .300 blk. I love my 6.5 grendel, just not the limited ammo choices(i don't reload). As for forearms, I actually prefer my MOE over my YHM free floaters comfort-wise when walking around the woods. I'll be switching out a 5.56 barrel to .300 in the future for stalking and short range hog/deer hunting.


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Another 300BLK fan here, although I have to admit the 6.5 Grendel has always interested me.
No sense in a barrel longer then 16", the 300BLK is happy with a 9" to 12" tube if you want to go the SBR route.

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I have a 12" Noveske .300 BLK. I love it. Between that and my .450 bushmaster upper I am going to have a fight with myself everyday I hunt because I love both of them. I am shooting super sonic suppressed out to 175 yards with barnes 110 Gr made for the .300. Very accurate!!


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Couldn't hold out for long, eh? I'm sure that Noveske is dang purty. I'm trying to grow my collection as well, since I kicked the bolt action to the curb, I'm waiting on my next host.

OP, I bought the CMMG AR upper in 300 Blackout, it is put together well and has been fun to shoot, its not an SBR model, but there are more and more options out there. Core 10 has a $649 SBR upper that looks to be a good deal, along with the other players.. AAC, Noveske, etc. etc.

For the CMMG you have the option of supersonic tuned barrel, versus one for subs. They haven't figured out how to go middle-of the road just yet. The options are growing, but so is the popularity, so expect lead times and backorders in some instances.

The 110 Barnes thats being released for the Blackout look as suitable for the purpose as any other cartridge I shoot. I'm looking forward to this fall.

Enjoy! and see some of you other 300 shooters at Boggy Head when the next 'fest rolls around. I've been too busy to have much fun, but I'm long overdue.