Black Rifles AR-15 upper


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Shortly, I'm planning on assembling a 2nd rifle...i've got the lower down pat and I know what I need

For whatever reason, I have a wild hair that says build your upper too

can anyone point me in the direction of a parts list for an ar upper starting with a stripped upper reciever?


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Pretty simple for parts...You need a barrel wrench and, if used, an inch-pounds torque wrench..
Need parts to finish the upper...Ejection port cover and parts
Forward assist and parts
Mag release and parts
Bolt and parts
Charging handle and release
I think that is it for the upper...

Now the Barrel: Barrel and barrel nut
Spring ring kit to hold handguards on( I am old-I forgot what it is called....OK)
Front Sight and taper pins

I think that is about all...

Sorry I forgot what the handguard retaining part is...Brain Fart...



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You don't need the Mag release and parts that's for the lower. ;)

It's pretty easy in fact I think there are a couple tutorials on youtube on the subject.


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with some of the deals going on right now , you can buy one built for less money than you can build. check palmetto state armory.