AR-15 Class at Hyatt Gun & Coin in Charlotte


Saturday GTrav and I attended a 4 hour class on the AR-15.
It cost $25 and was well worth it. The class is taught by retired Army Weapons Instructor Roger Ayscue.
Intro to AR-15 Course

Roger covered a lot of information including the history, maintenance and care, and even topics like ballistics and the proper way to zero in a rifle.
I'm glad I took this course and I'd recommend it to anyonewho is thinking about buying their first AR-15.

I'm going to build one rather than buy one outright, but the info presented covered AR's in genreal.



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That Sounds Way Cool...I have thought about taking an AR class...That way I could find out all the things I do wrong with mine...



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That sounds like my kind of class. I would like to learn more about the care and feeding of these rifles.
You'll really enjoy building your own, Pop.



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This class was probably the best $25 spent on learning about one particular firearm. Even though I already have an AR 15 I learned a lot about the gun operation, maintainence and as Pops says zeroing in the rifle. The class lasted only 2 1/2 hours, but was packed full of very useful information.