Apocalypse Then, The Great Zombie War of 1885


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After George Armstrong Custer's miraculous victory at the battle of Little Bighorn River, we all knew that his election to the highest office in the land was just a matter of time. He'd already made a name for himself during the Southern Revolution, leading the Union Army on a fighting retreat to the outskirts of Washington after Meade's line collapsed at Gettysburg. Now, Custer, hailed as "The American Leonidas" for holding out against overwhelming numbers of Sioux, had set out on a program to raise the morale of the downtrodden United States by expanding the frontier and waging total war against the Indians.

The blankets weren't infected with smallpox, but some other disease we still can't name. Whatever the disease was, President Custer certainly wasn't expecting what he got as the infected Indians began to rise from the dead. Custer's old adage, "The only good Indian is a dead Indian" had come back to haunt him in the most literal terms. So here we are.

Dear Survivor, you've got one long arm, one handgun, one primitive, non-missile firing weapon and one exotic or mass cas producing weapon. Today's date is December 28th, 1885. FILL YOUR HANDS! Whacha got, pardner?


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