anyone using a Steelwater Gun Safe, made in SC!


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618 Atomic Rd North Augusta, SC 29841
(803) 489-0179
Steelwater Gun Safes
There is no such thing as good enough at Steelwater Gun Safes. It all started when our founder, set out to design the best all around gun safe on

tried to get up a group purchase on another forum, but not much interest due holidays & stuff.

oops, shoulda read more:
" So I called and come to find out, they are made in China.. Dont know if that means anything, maybe China makes quailty safes" ... mpany.html
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Doesn't look any harder to open than any of the other major brands to me.
But I don't attack the hinges, attempt prying, slam hammering with an axe, or dropping the safe from some ungodly height to accomplish the job.

I'm sure you all understand the UL test process right? Do these carry a UL Rating? And if so, what ratings?

I get to see a lot of junk made form forigen soils as of late. Does Steelwater us a quality manufactured mechanical lock? What testing has their electrical locks passed? Any UL bypass ratings there?

I have worked with some of the manufactures and they didn't believe the techinques developed to open their containers. They thought it was just the movies. Like with what you just witnessed in the videos, it's just movies.

Now, I'm not bad mouthing the product. I really have never laid hands on one of these. But I would not purchase any safe for the protection of your valuables without a solid idea of what value you are willing to sacrifice for a cheaper device.

Under the right circumstances a very cheap safe can be just as good as an expensive one too. It is all in what you want it to do.

John Canuck

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04ctd said:
not mine,

watch his YOUTUBE videos, pretty good

I've seen them. Other manufacturers have similar videos. I was just wondering if you had a comparison table between your product and the competition.


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bigfutz said:
Not enough emphasis on the Web site where it's made. I like to supportabufacturers in my country and state. Needs to be posted here:

With labor and skill rates so high here in the US I doubt it is manufactured here in the US. I doubt it is even assemblied here.
Way to many dealers nowdays find ways of bring stuff into the country and pawn it off as made here. And that is why I asked some of the questions I did.

As a business person, trying to compete for your hard earned dollar, expenses have to be slashed to the bone now by manufactures. WHY? Because the consumer base in this country has been dummied down to the WALMART attitude. Most big box stores have imported and sold so much junk to the consumer that ALL they look for now is lowest price.

US Consumers can no longer be counted upon to see quality in products, just the "right now" in works and I got to have it attiude.

Opps, off my soapbox, sorry!