Anyone tried Geco 9mm?


Shot 50 rounds through a s&w shield with no problems. Would not hesitate to pick up more for the right price. I got mine from PSA too a few months ago. Don't really remember the cost. How many rounds did you get? Price?


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Fire some several years ago through several different 9mm handguns. Good range ammo. Not particularly dirty.



I bought a box of 50 a while back. I think I posted the exact same question LOL. It does have steel in the jacket which would give me pause shooting at steels but it worked fine for me. I bought it because it was 124gr instead of 115. MY preferred practice ammo is Speer Lawman 124gr but they didn't have any and the Geco was cheap. I have read reports elsewhere that they have harder primers than most US made stuff. However like I said I had no issues with it and i would buy it again.


GECO used to make the absolute most badass 9mm ammo available. The BAT round. (Blitz Action Trauma) It was a lightweight all copper hollow point with a plastic nose that launched at about 1600 fps. It was devestating and way ahead of its time. I still have a few rounds in my safe.