Anyone See a Remington 870 ?


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I'm looking for a cheap Remington 870 (Police or Wingmaster) in pretty much any condition. I don't make it to the gunshops like I used to so I'm throwing out a call in the dark. Maybe someone else out there knows of a shop or a buddy with a Rem 870 12 gauge for sale!


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Dicks has the 870 express on sale today (Friday) and Saturday for $269 after rebate. If you are looking for a used one, the Money Man pawn shops usually have a few to choose from in the $200 range. They sometimes have one or two for around $150, but those are more worn.



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I am in North Chuck and may have just what you want.
Are you looking for a mechanically sound but ugly or a pristine one?
PM what you are looking to pay and what your desires are, I may just have what you want


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Frost said:
I am interested in it

I bought it when Obama was coming into office and the ammo gun scare was in effect. Lets just said I paid over double this. Rather another pistol than a 12 gauge. Still looking for a 9mm S&W M&P but with Christmas it's not a great time for me. It has a scratch on the butt but other than that in great shape. Let me know how you wanna work this. I live in summerville and number is 361 876 3305-Shane