Anyone know about Franchi Shotguns?


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I'm on the fence about buying an O/U Franchi Alcione. I'm pretty much a total shotgunning amateur, but I'd like an O/U in the collection that is respectable, but considering it may get used once a year (if lucky), I'd rather try and keep this inexpensive.

Anyway, it's $850 used, and I'm pretty tempted.

Any thoughts/experience ?


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Franchi makes some quality guns.
I had an I-12 Diamond High grade for a while. No problems with the gun ever.
If it is in good condition and you want it. Go get it.

Franchi is one of the companies Berretta purchased. Mine said imported by Berretta on the side.

Go to the web site and check them out.

Peace and Grace to all.


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I also have an I-12 and think it's a pretty good.

I ended up picking it up.

Now I just have to get motivated enough to go to Partridge Creek.


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Hi,I have an Alcione Field with a set of 12ga. and a set of 20ga. barrels.I got into shooting skeet with an 870,but quickly saw the advantages of the o/u shotgun.I shopped a little and came across the Franchi.I absolutely love mine.It is a well made gun and it also looks good to me.Lots of my shooting companions had the Browning's and Beretta's.Nice guns but more expensive.If the one you have found fits well,give it a try.I have about 3000 rounds through mine and it feels as tight as new.