Anyone Else have Ruger MKIIs & 10/22s?

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I figured I just ask because these two are my favorite plinkers & get the most range time of any guns that I own & I have $300 in the MKII & $139 in the 10/22..
I've put a Volquartsen Trigger Kit into the MKII & did many MODs to the 10/22 & have also put a Vq extractor in both.. They always run 100% on the cheapest ammo you can feed it which is the Federal Bulk 550 value packs from Wal-Mart..
I also have a Jennings J-22 that was my Fathers that I call my "Pop Gun" it ammo finicky & only runs on CCI Minimags or Stingers..

Ruger 10/22 & MKII Target

MKII with Hogue Grips & Vq Trigger Kit & a Few Rounds

"Pop Gun" Jennings J-22


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I have a MarkIII that sees a lot of range time and a Marlin .22 rifle that I like to shoot. The MarkIII will eat anyting I feed it, but the Marlin is kind of particular. Kind of reminds me of a cat who won't eat anything except certain brands and flavors of cat food. You have to grocery shop at one particular store to get that flavor of chicken ad boiled egg with gravy catfood or the cat will look at you like you've completely lost your mind. The marlin eats CCI .22 wiht regualarity but that's about it. For some reason it won't feed anything else correctly. I have a freind who has the exact same rifle and his would feed very reliably, but mine would fail to feed every 2 or 3 rounds. I shot a few of his shells adn mine too began to feed consistantly.

I've got a Beretta bobcat in .22 for the small pistol and a Ruger M94 with a 5" barrel for a revolver. I suppose I need to get one of those AR15's chambered in .22 to round out my collection.



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The Ruger 10/22 has got to be the most popular .22 rifle in the world, hands down. I used to have one as well, stupidly got rid of it in 1986. That stock on yours looks pretty interesting, is it one of the factory variants or an aftermarket one?

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That Stock was a factory offering on an "All Weather" stainless 10/22 & it's solid, not hollow like the ones they make now, Also my 20" 10/22RR came in a cheap wooden stock without a barrel band & I picked one of those up cheap/free..
I've stoned the hammer & sear, put an over travel adjustment behind the trigger & made a hammer return spring from a bobby pin like part of an AR-15s hammer spring that fits inside with the hammer & trigger..It has 100% factory springs & a allen set screw on the ejector. & a factory magazine release that's been drilled & tapped to give a handle via an allen screw..
It also has a Volquarsen Extractor as does the MKII which makes them 100% with just about any ammo except the Remington Gold Bullets which IMO are "Rubbish"..
I also have bed the riffle with a few small spots of JB Weld & a foam pad at the barrels tip near the barrel band, And I also drilled the back of the receiver so a cleaning rod can be used from the breach & made a custom recoil buffer from a piece of 1/4" Viton Fuel Hose with an 1/8" stainless drill rod insert..
The trigger pull is 2 1/2 pounds & is very smooth & crisp but still has positive engagement that makes it safe to carry..
Most of these MODs I found over @ Rimfire Central were there's a whole website about rimfire. For those who haven't been there stop in a Check It Out!! Here's the link & most MODs are in the 10/22 Action Area..
There's another great website about the Ruger MK Pistols here..

Stay Safe & Enjoy Your 4th of July Holiday my Friends!!
Gary aka Glock 17L


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I have a 10/22 that was grandads bought sometime in the early/mid 60's that had to be registered in my name a few years back. Damn CA laws. Never been fired, in original box with manual and a rather weak looking scope mount as well. He asked me not to shoot it until he's gone so it sits in my safe. When picking it up from the ffl dealer after the waiting period (CA again and I had to prove I had a safe or buy a trigger lock BEFORE I could take possession). While there I was offered 200 for it, he said it had a walnut stock which isn't used any more. Anybody know this?

I bought a Marlin Model 60 about 15 years ago and love it. No issues with any ammo since somebody told me to use tetra gun grease in the tube magazine, then wipe clean.
Only complaint is the sights, but what do you expect for 90 bucks?


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I had a MK2 with the 5.5 bull barrel & target sights, and that hogue grip. That thing was sweet. Tack driver for sure. Dis/ass was always a pain though. Traded it for a Tomcat .32. :| I got a 10/22 with a 16" threaded bull barrel that sports a Tac-65. Hogue stock and a 6-24x50 scope. A STA buddy and I used to tap coins in the sides of 2x4s and have friendly competitions


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For 20 years now I've said that every shooter should own at last one 10/22! It's simply the best semi 22LR plinker out there in terms of function and fun. More accessories are available for 10/22's than any other rifle in it's class.

I've had several over the years and still own 2 now. One sports a threaded heavy SS barrel in a wood stock and the other a shortened 16" factory barrel, threaded 1/2"x28, in a Choate folding pistol grip stock. Both have had trigger work done. Top them off with a can and they're a blast to shoot.

I recently had the barrel of my Mark II Gov model threaded so it can host a can as well. This makes for a pistol that gets shot more often now. Frost ruined me when he put his Ruger pistol in my hands one day. That thing shoots sweet with the trigger upgrades he installed. I plan to add these parts to mine in the future.


check out my sweet ruger MKII i picked up on the cheap.



but dont worry, i fixed it.




i also have the good ole 10/22 as well. its changed some since this pic though. check out my sweet workbench though! every gunsmith needs a dremel! :D


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legonas said:
check out my sweet ruger MKII i picked up on the cheap.

OMIGAWD!!! :shock:

That poor pistol looked like a Hurricane Katrina victim...

nice to see a rescue going to a better home though- hope it is getting LOTS of therapy.


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It does have a nice trigger.
It is really a sort of hybrid Mark II and Mark III.
I was happy with the way it turned out.
Volquartsen makes good stuff.

There are a few more custom things that bear mentioning.
As you can see in the picture it has a semi-custom set of grips that are sized to MY hand.
The bump on the right side puts my trigger finger in perfect alignment.

I put a Match Dot sight on it and was not happy with the balance so I had a new hole counter bored in the base.
Then I removed the front and rear sights.
That let me flip the base around improving the balance so it feels much more alive in the hand.
Alive as in the way a good blade feels alive.

The only thing left is to perhaps put a prettier set of scope mounts on it.




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One of the best improvments I've seen for the Mk series pistol is the speed strip kit from Majestic Arms I've put several in and it makes a very noticable difference in the trigger and makes cleaning a whole lot easier. Make sure you get the 3.2 conversion kit with the hammer bushings. The 3.2 eliminates the magazine disconect which has been known to cause some problems with the newer Mk 3's. For ease of instalation I would also put an externaly adjustable trigger in at the same time.

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