any willing help with a mill and lathe?


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I started a project. I'm stalled in my project.

I saw a couple of vids of the u tube channel "Forgotten Weapons" and had my idea. one is a pistol I wanted to make. the other is a very simple semi rifle in 32 cal. the 32ACP dreyse light carbine 32 . search that for the vid. supposedly a 32 in a longish barrel is really quiet. if you think back to the late 1800s and early 1900s we used 32 instead of the larger cartridges. lol.

so then came the idea for an AR upper in 32 ACP. maybe even full auto. I have a barrel, a 32 ACP chamber reamer and plan to order a couple of mags for the old Scorpion 32 full auto pistol. I figure to make the mags work like the old Ceiner 22 mags that just had a rectangular piece of metal spot welded on to fit an AR magwell.

looks like, sounds wrong but it does look like cutting about 7 inches off my 1 inch thick 25 inch long barrel to make a bolt, is the easiest way to have a bolt carrier group. like a 9mm bolt/carrier, no actual locking bolt.

any takers care to help?