Any other hobbies?


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I'm sure there's worse but I've been told i have two of the top cash depleting hobbies with guns and my second being hot rods and customs. This is what I'm working on at present a 1954 F100,This is when i first picked it up.

And where I'm at now, BTW that's not the engine going in it that's a spare.

It has a Volare front suspension and a 9" rear w/3.:55 gears. I have a 351W just about finished and a C4 getting ready to be rebuilt so i can drop them in then the fun starts, Cab and bed work.

So what other hobbies do you guys have?


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I guess closest I got to a hobby past firearms is probably being a geek. I build computers (saving up for the newest incarnation...gonna be a beast), I play games... Hell, I even get overly geeky and play D&D occasionally.

I think my only other true hobby is probably cooking. It's my career, and is just really fun to do otherwise (when it's for other folks at least).

....that reminds me, I need to start reading that sauce book I bought.


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my gun hobby is why my car hobby is not to the same stage as your car hobby.

guns>cars these days

Rottie cooks like a demon, i help a little. tell em baby

lafayette gregory said:
C&R firearms is about all I have funds for now. My wife tell me my hobbie is finding us a place to live in Asheville :roll:

why in god's name would you want to move from SC to NC? that's insanity. i just moved from NC down to SC 3 years ago. cheaper gas, cheaper taxes, cheaper everything, less crime, sensible gun laws, castle doctrine. anyone moving north is nuts

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Let's see...

I like to build models, play video games, tinker with paintball guns. study both military and ancient history, worked on a pilots license for a while, used to fence, into archery, I guess that's all I can think of at the moment. ;)


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Guns and Harley Davidsons...guess that keeps me broke...Used to be heavy into Mustangs and the car show stuff...glad I quit that stuff.

Shultz....I have to drive an ol' Ford truck almost as old as what you are building....I got a '93 Ford Lightning...had a later, supercharged Lightning, but, wanted a First Generation now I got one.



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I keep telling myself "this is gonna be the last build" but it never happens, Theres always another project. :lol:

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A good friend of mine is rebuilding his 69 Mustang Fastback- I am dying to see it finished, as I used to ride with him in it when he had it shipped to him from CA in the late 1980s. :cool:


Jony's right, our car hobby isn't where it would be if we didn't have a gun hobby too. LOL Yep, I'm a amateur gourmet chef. I cook, bake, grill, grow fresh stuff, you name it. Love to create great food for us. So I also enjoy gardening, veggies, fruit, push the envelope on tropical plants and do all my own landscaping on our 15 acres. Basically, if it's on Food Network, I'll try it as long as it sounds like it would be tasty. Car hobby wise, got a sweet 67 and 91 Camaro sitting in the drive way that needs some more TLC and dollars. The 91 is sweet from functionality but needs paint. Jony bought her new in 1991. The 1967 was my Valentines day present in 2000. Sweet coupe, with a small block and a nice TH350 tranny build and a stout 3.91 gear in the rear. Now we also have one we want to place with a collector. A one owner 1968 VW Beetle with all the original paperwork and manuals. Needs some work but a great car for someone who wants a nice project without a ton of work and a very original car. PM me if you are interested in this one.


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I know this sounds nuts, but I like to cook, but mostly I like to bake bread.
It start about 25 years ago. the whole process is sort of Zen-like for me and I use it to relax.
I've made more then a few bricks, but on occasion I've come out with somethign really good.
There are few things to rival hot home-made bread, butter and honey with a good cup of coffee.
It takes a couple of hours to do the whole thing, but only about 15 minutes to enjoy it.



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Reminds me of a buddy I met in school. Every friday he would make biscuits because he'd always done it for breakfast for his kids in years past and he didn't want to stop the tradition.

I tell you, it's few and far between that I've found a biscuit to rival what he could produce.

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Yup, that's how it always starts. Either that or the wife waching that accursed Food Network in front of me all of the time. Even worse, she never makes any of the stuff you see either. :roll:


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Wait a minute here!
I have known you for OVER 40 years and you have never hooked me up with fresh bread?


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One of my other hobbies. A 1958 Chevy Apache that I bought off of one of my buddies that had been sitting in a field about 12 years. It has mid sixties model inline 250 with 3spd tranny. Shortly I will be swapping out the tranny for a newer synchronized 3speed, installing a rear end from a 68 Chevy truck, and putting a 3 single barrel carb Offenhauser intake on. Once that stuff is done underneath I will lower it a few inches. It still has the straight axle, and I'm trying to keep it as old as possible using old stuff. It's just a work in progress.




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Good looking Apache, Those wide whites make it look old school.

McDaniel I'll bet that micro bus is good on gas.