Any Opinions on AR's???


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Any opinions on AR's???
I am looking to buy one. Budget = $1000, Caliber = .223, Brand = Don't care, just want reliability. Let me here the thoughts on what you would buy, have bought, liked, or didn't like.


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Well....I have had a few Bushmasters in the past, and, have nothing but good to say about them...I have a CMMG now, and a Rock River AR pistol...I like both of them...The CMMG is very accurate, and, I have yet to have any problems with it....

The price of AR's seems to be dropping, and, you can get some pretty good guns for good prices...

The DPMS's are very low priced. Have a friens that works a gun shop in Summerville. He has a new DPMS on the wall for $695.00 That is factory new...

About all the companies now are making a good weapon...just depends on what you want, and, what you want the gun to do, and, how deep your pockets are....



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For a thousand you can get a Colt.
I recently got a new 6920 for $1080
I would probably look at Rock River next, I have heard good things about them.

For what it is worth I have an old Colt CAR that I got in the early 80's and it is still going strong.
I paid $250 for it and I have no idea how many thousands of rounds have been run down the tube.

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I've always thought this particular AR thread was a good one. It focuses on which manufactures produce AR's closest to mil-spec as well as looking at the prices. In the end the author selects the CMMG because it offers the best price for a mil-spec AR. Though I'll warn you it is very long and very in depth.

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I have sold and used many CMMG's. Seems to be very accurate. Good bang for your buck. I'm also a DPMS man. Customer service is A+ and thats worth a million bucks when you have a problem with a gun. Stag would be my next choice. All of these guns are between $700-$1000 depending on model you choose. Hope that helps.
I have been looking around and have seen some AR with interchangable barrels, and i am not talking about a vise and an AR tool. Both have a piston gas system, and the barrels are just as easy to change as a shot gun. And that also means all rounds that shoot off of an AR15 like a 6.8 for example. MCI and Lewis Tool make some good guns, but they are above the 1k dollar limit. But if you want one gun, w/ a lot of uses, and dont want to change the uppers all the time, think about that for down the road


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Back to the OP, that's a very vague question. I would say do some reading and figure out what features you want, then go shopping. Due to the flooded market, you can probably find something basic for $600. If you want to spend $1000, you 're going to have to figure out where you want to put that extra $400: trigger, stock, handguard, barrel, muzzle brake/flash hider, optics. I would say trigger upgrades and a decent optic would be money well spent.

Warning when buying used, especially through classifieds: many used AR's were bought when prices were much higher, so if you find a used one you like, check the prices for a new one similar before you jump.

FWIW, it's hard to find a "bad" AR these days. Except the high end ones, most of the basic components are the same.


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In the six years since the original question was posted I sure hope the original poster has sourced a reliable AR-15.

For anyone new reading this ancient thread, head to your local (non-Liberal city) Wal-Mart and check out their selection of factory-built AR-15s. You will find what you want from a name brand company and put together by competent professionals at a reasonable price.

I am reticent to buy any "parts gun" or "franken-AR" off Armslist or anywhere else because literally any idiot can put together an AR-15 and have it appear to function despite being a turd.


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Avtomat-Acolyte said:
In the six years since the original question was posted...
Ha! Good point. I guess I need to pay closer attention. I generally sort by new responses, and I guess this ancient thread (as you call it) got one.