any interest in friendly competition


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when I owned my gunshop in NY I set up a monthly competition for friends and family. some months we shot rimfire and some months we shot milsurps. we all kicked in a small fee and my shop supplied prizes. sometimes first place was a firearm and sometimes it was reloading equipment or ammo. this was dictated by the number of participants.
If there is any interest I'd like to set something up at boggy head. let me know.

my idea is to try it once then we can decide if this is something we might want to do more often.


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I would be very interested the club I was a member of in Florida had a military rifle shoot a couple times a year, always had a good turn out and great fun.... :D


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here are the rules we have used in the past. bear in mind that these are not set in stone and I'm open to suggestions

Military Rifle Shoot


Rifles must an original issued rifle to any army in the world in as issued configuration, not sporterized.

Sights must be original iron sights no scopes

Course Of Fire
Ten (10) rounds at 25 yards followed by ten (10) rounds at 100 yards
Maximum time allowed is one minute per round total twenty (20) minutes

Shooting Positions
To be determined at a later time. Options are NRA sitting, standing, & prone or bench with sandbag rest.

Rimfire Rifle Shoot

Rifles must be rimfire with or without scope weighing less than 9lbs

No slings or palm rests allowed

No shooting jackets

Course of fire is 20 rounds at 25 yards

One minute per round allowable time

All shooting is standing off hand

Fees are $10 first rifle and $5 for re-fires

Re-fires can be fired with another rifle that conforms to the above rules

High score wins


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I think I would be more interested in pistol personally.
However I will come out and cheer y'all on.


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I'm interested so long as the entry fee is "fun" and not an investment. From what you posted above, it sounds like fun.


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I like the .22 rimfire in both pistol and rifle.
I'd give it a shot (pun intended)
When would you want to do it?



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I would be in for pistol. Or even modern rifle. Give a couple of dates and we could vote on them.



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I would be in! Hopefully I can pick up a cheap AR and bring that along to play you guys and your high dollar habits!


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So have we lost interest in this? I would love to do something like this and wouldnt mind putting in the manual labor to make this work. Lets get this back on track set a date and do it!