Any Charleston, SC Members Here?


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My wife and I and another couple are riding our bikes to Charleston for the weekend. Just going to hang around the historical area and sightsee. We're not really into the touristy stuff. We would like to find a good local's place for dinner Saturday. Anyone got any recommendations?


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Hey Guy: Glad to hear you coming to the old city...We have a lot of great places to eat...
I love Old Charlie's. It is located in front of Northwoods Mall....but, it is just a chain type resturant...

If you are a big eater, Breck's is a great place. They have steaks for 2, and, most times 2 can't eat all of it...It is located in a small strip shopping center on north Rivers ave. past the mall on the way tp Goose Creek...

Hope this helps some. If you have anything that I can help you with give me a call (843-209-2490)
Oh yeah...I ride a Harley Davidson Softail, myself...



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Thanks for the lead on Breck's. I'm a little familiar with Rivers Road. About how far from I-526 are we talking?
Anyone else have any other favorites?

I'm old so I have an Electra Glide or as they say, Geezer Glide. lol


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My favorite BBQ place is Kelly's it's on highway 78 near Summerville.
If you happen to go there be sure to try the spicy sauce it's not all that hot but I like it.
It's a red sauce not a yellow.
People tell me the sides are good too with a large selection.
I wouldn't know, I go there for the BBQ and that is primarily what I eat.
I figure I can get sides anywhere...


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Sure are glad you found Breck's....Yes, if you were looking for decor, that is not the place...LOL...but, if you want can't beat the taste or the serving size...

Glad you all had a good time. I know what you mean about the weather. I haven't had my bike out of the garage all weekend.



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That's OK, Driftpirate. If you know any good places, tell us. We can always check out some on another trip. We're only about 1 hour 45 minutes away.


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Geezer said:
That's OK, Driftpirate. If you know any good places, tell us. We can always check out some on another trip. We're only about 1 hour 45 minutes away.

Gilligan's Seafood (multiple locations; has all-you-can-eat-shrimp)
Hyman's Seafood (downtown Charleston)
Manny's Neighborhood Grill (Greek)


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My favorite BBQ joint is Willie Jewells Old School BBQ on Hwy 78
(right beside Guns and Gold Trading Post)
Don't have much to say about the gun shop but the BBQ is amazing.

Brecks is AWESOME but I must say I like the one in Summerville better the N.Chuck

Japanese Food - I'm sure they're better placing but I really enjoy Hibachi Fusion on Ladson Rd beside Movies 8


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I see no Mexican on this line-up. My wife and I really enjoy Los Arcos on 176 in Goose Creek . It is in the strip shopping center behind the Dunkin Donut.... about 1 1/2 miles north of Hwy. 52 on the right. We can have two entrees, salsa and chips, Guacamole Dip, a large pina colada and a short beer for about $20.00. No booze or dip and its $10.00. The food is excellent.


For the absolute best Mexican I've found ANYWHERE try La Nortena over on Rivers Avenue. Traditional style everything - no order by numbers place. Besides the standard tacos/tortas/burritos (which are great), I particularly like the ceviche and (though I know this isn't fancy) the charro beans. Downtown there's also a place called Santi's that I don't rank quite as high as La Nortena, but they're still quite good as well.

For Thai I really like a place called Mei Thai which is in the same shopping center as the Ice Palace behind Northwoods Mall. Great Phad Thai, Fried Rice and curries.

BBQ: it's outside of Charleston directly, but I really like Music Man's BBQ in Moncks Corner.

Seafood: Again, outside of town, but Seawee Restaurant in Awendaw is amazing.

All very casual places (I'm not much for fancy - I'm more about how the food tastes), but all great.