Another user from Hanahan


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Hello everyone,

I am glad to see a group of shooters who live in my area. I am a collector of World war I and II weapons, primarily Soviet influenced. I've had my C&R for about 3 years (just sent off the renewal form)

My collection can be see at Be sure to look at the older posts to see the whole thing.

Currently I have the following:

Chinese M24 "Chiang Ki-Shek" Mauser (wall hanger)
Yugoslavian M24/47 Mauser (1944)
Yugoslavian M59/66a1 SKS (1972)
Austrio-Hungarian BudapestM95 "Stutzen" (1917)
Norinco Type 56 SKS (1960's?)
Enfield Mk5 No1 "Jungle Carbine" (1946)
Mosin Nagant 91/30 Izhevsk "Hex" (1927)
Mosin Nagant 91/30 Tula "Round" (1939)
Romanian TTC Tokarov (1954)
Polish PPS43-C Semi Auto (Repro WWII Sub gun)
Nagant M1895 "Gas Seal" revolver
Czechoslovakia CZ-82 Pistol (1988)

Me shooting a full auto M16 (wish it were mine :))

I look forward to meeting some of you at Shootzenfest! June 4th


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Looky there another one from the "hood". Glad you made it over here.
My March membership drive efforts are paying off!


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Glad tosee you on the forum.

That looks like Clickers M16, also saw his net hanging from the roof.


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Welcome to the forum!

We hope to see you at the ShootzenFest on June 4'th.



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Welcome...Glad you came by to join in. We folks from Hanahan got to show up...

I have a Mosen Negant that you need to see...It is an M44...but, it is pretty special, I have been told...and, it looks like new...