Another one bites the dust


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Great story...Great action to be taken.

I love the last line from the Sheriffs interview:"No charges will be filed"

I like these stories...



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Wow. I'm so glad that the right person ended up dead.
I feel awful for the lady though, I cannot begin to imagine the psychological trauma she's going to have to deal with from this incident, not to mention what she experienced with the other robbery.

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I love it, a single shot to the chest nips another crime spree at the bud!

What really caught my eye though was the fact it was a .22 that was used. Everyone usually knocks the .22LR as a potential self defense measure, but that sure makes me happy to hear how this ended!!! :mrgreen:


Bravo for the clerk! I hope and pray for her that this doesn't haunt her.

but this guy did not have to die. he could have been raised in a culture that taught him not to use fear to control others and that violence was not going to solve his problems. He could have been influenced by those arround him and raised in a loving, supporting home with family who cared for him. Society, controlled by a massive socialist movement and people like Jesse Jackson who harness and even encourage this young man's anger for their own political advantage are responsible for his death. Let it haunt them for their part in it

One point for reality, Zero points for government.
Brady Center for non violence is pretty much useless in a case like this, eh?


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I can only imagine what the woman is going thru. It would be hard to live down.....But, this wasn't little Johnny next door.....
This was a thug. He was an animal that preyed on the helpless...and, how hard would it have been for the lady to live with what he was about to do to her...
You can place blame anywhere, but, the bottom line was, she did what she had to do to possibly save her own life...

I was very suprised that a single bullet in center mass from a .22 did the job...This guy was not small.

All in all, it was a bad situation but she did what she had to do...and the deserving person is on the floor with the outline drawn around them...



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This is a perfect example that any gun is regardless of caliber is better than no gun. .22lr have great penetration and have a habit of bouncing around.


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Good for her!
I hope she feels no guilt for what she did.
I wonder how long it will take his family to show up and sue her?


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"Lott said the clerk had been victimized in one of two recent robberies at the same Days Inn and had gotten permission from her employer to carry a .22 caliber gun."

I am not positive but I don't think that she needed a CCW since she was on private property & had the owners permission. I am glad that she was able to defend herself. What would have happened if she had relied on calling 911 in case of emergency?


EDIT: I guess I should have read the next story before posting!

"The woman had been the victim of a prior robbery and had gotten permission from her hotel supervisor to carry a concealed pistol, Lott said.

?She did not have a concealed weapons permit, but you don?t need one on private property where you have permission,? he said."

Read more: ... z1TFV6gqik
This story made my day yesterday

big thumbs up to the employer and employee

How many times do you hear about employees of businesses being robbed, and still not being allowed to carry to defend themselves at work (example...any pizza delivery person)

I like to hear when good people can carry and defend themselves at work without fear of being fired if they are caught or involved in an incident such as this

Big props to the victim who was able to maintain enough mindset to be able to draw, and pull the trigger without freezing up

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thebrasilian said:
Pops said:
as for a .22lr doing the job in a single shot - I call that devine intervention. ;)
.22lr are more potentant then people give them credit for.
That's what I keep trying to tell people... Lord knows I've been back and forth about it with Frost. :roll:

At least he finally conceded that they were ok for zombies! :lol:

Well, mostly. But I still love him like he was my own brother. :D


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Well...A lot of people might not know this...but...weapon of choice for the Mafia hitters is the .22 cal. pistol with one shot behind the ear...

I've always heard that the .22LR has killed more people than any other round

I don't have anything to back this up...and I have no clue as to it's truth...