Another new upstate guy


Hello all,the name's Scott.
Found this website while searching for local shooting ranges and there looks to be some friendly people on here so I thought I'd give it a try.
Moved here with the family about 4 years ago from Arizona. I'll admit I havn't been shooting much since I left there.I really miss the long distance shooting the desert offers, but I'm slowly getting back into it. So,I ordered a DPMS LR308 about 9 months ago which I finally got last week but while I was so patiently waiting I couldn't control myself and bought an AR15. I guess I'm hooked again!!
The wife and I are looking to get our conceiled carry permits so if anyone knows where we can go for the class here in the upstate I'd appreciate any info.
Looking forward to meeting some new people with a common interest and thanks for having me.


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Welcome! Where about's in the upstate? I can point you where I went if you are around the Rock Hill/Fort Mill/Tega Cay area.


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Welcome to the forum...Someone will chime in with a great place to get your CCW's. You just need to let us know where you are...



Thanks everyone, and we're in Inman.
If we have to travel a little ways thats fine I'd rather go to someone that you guys or girls can refer us to.


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my big brother retired as a Pima County Deputy, lived in Tucson. he was a Spartanburg Deputy before that but had been in the Air Force in Tucson and had to go back.

i went and stayed with him for 2 summers, years ago. i missed the trees.

sadly a few years after retiring and being an EMS and casino guard etc, he and his wife died in a fire at home.
damn sad. he was a good guy.