Another "My First 1911" Thread


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Picked up a Rock Island Armory Compact Tactical (RIA Model: 1911A1-45CS RIA TAC) from Bob at Upstate Armory Group. This thing is saweet!

Going to Philson's Crossing later today (Sunday) if 49* as a high doesn't seem to cold to me when I step outside, lol.

Thanks again Bob!











Well-Known Member are going to fall in love with that gun....The G.I. 5" that I have is a great shooter...

I had to dump the factory grips on mine. It would squirm around in my hand with the smooth grips. I went to the Hogue rubber grips, and the squirm is gone...

Good shooting.


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I love this one as well...

and you can never have enough "First 1911" threads on this Forum! Hope you get to enjoy your new pistol today. :cool:


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Just got back from the range with the 1911. I put almost 100 rounds of Blazer Aluminum 230gr FMJ ammo. Everything went flawlessly. Went bang everytime, no jams, it locked back after the last round fired each time, and it hit were I aimed it. The extractor seems fine too, it sends the shells around my 3 to 5 o'clock.

Oh, and rapid fire was awesome! :twisted:

I ordered another factory mag before I even received the gun. At the range I used them both almost equally, no issues with them at all.

I can't wait to get some more ammo and go back to the range to finish the break-in. My wife liked it so much she might want to sell her Sig to get a compact 1911.

I didn't get any pictures at the range, but I did get a video of my wife shooting the gun for the first time. Nothing exciting, just a typical "wife shooting the gun" video clip, lol:


I owe this all to my go-to-gun-guy and arms dealer, Bob from Upstate Armory Group! He is a great guy and goes beyond the call to help you out.


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Looks like she had a smile on her face after she emptied it...

That is a good thing...

Good video...Glad the trip was good...

I did notice the gun was kind of slipping around on recoil for her...Like I said in the post might want to try the rubber grips. They are cheap, and, they might give you a better feel...

Enjoy it...



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I agree with Steve, the Hogue grips make control much easier. I use them on my full size 1911 and recommend them over any other aftermarket grips I've used.


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I might have to try some out. I don't have too much of a problem with the factory grips. I like the way they look and feel, but your right, they are too smooth.

The wife took a video of the first time I shot the gun and didn't tell me until after I posted her video. Anyway, you can't see it, but I am grinning from ear to ear, lol: