Another FNG!


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Didn't see that intro's are required, but what the heck. Retired LEO from the upstate (Greater Greenville area is as specific as I'll get); lived here almost all my life. Curently own a Mossy 500 (very) tactical 12ga and a S&W MP15-T dressed out very, very nicely (thanks Dexter). Currently have two Form 4's and one Form 1 pending for a 300BLK build with the knowledgeable and friendly assistance of UAG (thanks Jason and Bob). A couple of nice pistols, and of course, ammo. Love to shoot just to have fun, but with what I ask, if not our guns, shall we use to protect, preserve, and defend the Constitution?

As for me, Give me liberty or give me death!


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Welcome...We love LEO'S present and retired...Also...thanks for your service...

Hope you make plans to attend Shootzenfest...It is a "BLAST"



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Intros are not required but it's a good way to say howdy.

Welcome to the Zoo.
Tell your friends about us.


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well what are your form 4s?

i have a AR-15 model 614 (select fire)

an AR=15 sbr

and a rem 3.5 sbs 14 in bbl with pistol grip or stock.

can make a 12 in bbl also, just have to find someone willing to part with a bbl cheap. on vacation a gun shop had a barrel of shotgun bbls, no rems, but my friend got a replacement for his split mossberg for 50 bucks. looked brand new to me.


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Thanks for the "Welcomes". Glad to be here. 1 Form 4 for a dedicated 5.56 suppressor, and the other for a 7.62 suppressor. The Form 1 is an application for a 300BLK SBR. I'm confident ATF is fast and furiously processing my paperwork right now.

(If you don't recognize sarcasm, there's an example).

Hoping to both learn and to contribute here. See you all on the boards...