Andre's Fine German Kitchen - HWY 17A Moncks Corner


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For those of you military, former military or other folks who have had the pleasure of traveling to Germany...this place rocks. It is nothing to look at (it lacks a little curb appeal) but Andre and his wife Ludi have the best donner kebabs I've had stateside. Schnitzel, bratwurst, donners - it is all hand made. Do yourself a favor and stop by. They also have some of the best imported German beer...mmmmm.


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I actually pass by that place quite often and have always wondered about it..Thanks for sharing! I will definitely have to stop by!


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I've stopped into this place on a whim. Had the braturst dinner which was VERY good. He seemed a little letdown that I asked for sweet-tea with the meal, but what I can I say I was actually on my way to ATP to shoot and didn't want to drink anything beforehand :).

Overall though I liked it. The bratwurst (strangely enough - and in a good way) tasted a lot more like the handmade vensison sausage I get from the processors around here than anything I've gotten from the grocer. The sauerkraut was also very good. Not sure if it was homemade too but it lacked the extreme bitterness that the canned stuff usually has.

I'll visit again, though I'll admit that he'd probably get a lot more customers if the place was spruced up a bit.
Where, exactly, is this place? I go to MC often for work but don't get the time to be familiar with the local stuff.

Also, are they open for lunch?


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They are open for lunch. They are off of HWY 17A. Their address is:

2575a South Live Oak Dr
Moncks Corner, SC 29461
(843) 826-4128

They open at 11:00 am. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!
We went this weekend, and it's the closest to authentic outside of Germany that I've had. A+++

My Jaegerschnitzel was the size of a hubcap and perfectly prepared. I don't know what sort of pig makes 12" steaks, but I ain't complaining. My wife's Goulash was just awesome as well.

With the road construction and all, it's very hard to miss.


I wondered what happened to them, we had been there several times and went there around Christmas and they were closed. I checked out their Facebook page because their website has been taken down.

It is sad to see that a person invests time and money into a community and is deported because of visa issues when there are so many illegal immigrants that get by living under the radar.

I hope he is doing well back in Germany.