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This probably does not belong here but I was unsure just where to put it.

I was thinking it would be nice if they would create a forum where we could post the best deals on guns and ammo on the internet.

For example right now Aim Surplus has the best deal going on .223 and 762x39
We could all work together in keeping up with the best deals.


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Have a friend locally (Summerville) that has some good prices on ammo, and, other neat stuff...
He has a website, and, hopefully soon he will be putting ads on here for his wares...

His website is:

His name is Dalton...great guy...

I needed some ammo, and he met me so I could pick some up and not have to drive to Summerville...

Check his stuff out...



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John: Here is his address.

Bravo Seven LLC
1305-C North Main Street
# 323
Summerville, S.C. 29483

I think Dalton has a day job and his Father runs the place thru the week....They also do the Ladson Flea Market on the weekends, weather permitting.



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Perhaps if we can get down there for the Awendaw work day we can get by some local gunshops as well.

I'd like to meet some of the local folks that I've not been to before.