Also new here from Summerville

Just stopping by to say hi.
Haven't had a chance to check everything out yet.
Just wanted to signup and say hi right quick before i head out to the range.
I'll get you some more info when i get back from the range.

Talk to you guys later.

- Howard
Thanks for the hello's.
The range was good as always. Well as good as it can get for shooting at boggy head.
Had a couple issues with the bulk .308 reloads I bought. I think something is wrong with the sizing. Rounds keep getting jammed and can't close the bolt. Had a few rounds do that. So just went back to the reliable Hornady's.

Shooting a Savage 10 - .308
S&W MP 15-22
Mossberg 500 12 gauge
Walther P22
and a Springfield 1911 Lightweight Operator

I'm sure i will catch up with you guys in the forum.