All Invited to Shoot Trip MONDAY....


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Some of us are going to Boggy Head Monday morning....Lets get everybody that can to go...

We will be at Boggy Head range around 10:00 am....

Hope to see you all there...



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I had fun meeting up with you guys today. Thanks for letting me check out all of the toys that everyone brought! Hope we can do it again sometime.



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It was a great day at the range...I am exhausted....

We shot everything under the sun...

Clicker Dave had his all out full stuff...and we all shot his toys...I know I went thru 400 rounds of .223....



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My phone is a phone. It has no camera. I had a good time out there even if I couldn't stay as long as I wanted to.


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Wish I could have made it as well, maybe next time. Real crap month in ther paycheck department so I probably wouldn't have had as much fun as I would like anyway. Steve, I can't even imagine a day firing that much ammo. I don't even have that much in the house yet. Must be the Army in me, they always gave just enough ammo to qualify with most times. Barely enough to dirty the weapon. I'm slowly stocking up.

Anyway, hope someone post up a couple pics.


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Had a good time with you guys. I'm pissed my 10mm rifle didn't run, this thing is wearing me out but maybe I'll figure it out someday.

On the upside I was able to help my buddy trouble shoot his MP5K clone and we had it running nicely. My new recipe for 9mm LRN worked very well as some of you noticed when I ran a Beta mag of 'em thru the HK clone. I couldn't see the target for all the smoke but you just need to hold two things - the trigger & your breath!

Jeff & I plinked with the 22's after most everyone had gone, I think I could just do that all day. Shot some subsonic 9mm ammo over the chrono.

Loaned my spotting scope to the group next to us and in return they helped fill my brass bucket. (Yeah I know I'm a brass whore)

Steve had me grinning shooting his sweet S&W 44 Mag with 44 Spec rounds - that's just plain fun!

Maybe after the clean up day August 7th we can do it all over again.